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    CJBS Motorsport c/o Chris Lofthouse 2 Sunny View, Darley Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG3 2PU

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Engines Overview

At the heart of CJBS, and UK motorsport! From the early days of CJBS, racing engines have been the nucleus of the business, building many Mini, Ford Crossflow, Pinto and BDAs, for the likes of Rally, Autograss, sprint and Hillclimb. However as time moved on, so did we, expanding our knowledge and continually trying to improve on exisitng ideas to provide the racer with something new.

Rover V8

We are very proud of the reputation we have gained with the Rover V8. About 20 years ago we began developing class winning engines, from limited cc 3.5 screamers, to full-house, unlimited cc, 5.5 including fuel injection, water injection and forced induction supercharging. (Even all on the same engine!) Still to this day the Rover V8 brings us, and our customers much success. National, European and World Champions in Hill Rallying, V8 Stockcars, National Autograss, and many others, in all guises. Our development history of the Rover V8 takes many twists and turns, use the navigation bar on the left, or click here to have a read of the story.

Off Road
The Rover V8 is the ultimate off-road engine. Light, powerful, with loads of scope for modification. Just ask Land Rover! Thats why they used it as the mainstay for their off-road vehicles up until very recently. In our hands, the Rover V8 isn't just a labourer though, its a thorougbred. From a mathematical and engineering "first principals" understanding of the Rover V8 we have been able to produce many class and indeed title winning off-road and hill rallying racing vehicles, just like the "Warrior" of Robin Clarkson you see in the above picture. Hill Rallying is the ultimate proving ground for Rover V8 engine builders, just like F1 Stockcars is for Chevrolet V8s. Our results speak for themselves. National Autograss also proved to be another spiritual home for the Rover V8, especially in our hands. With back to back National titles in various classes, our Rover V8s became the talk of the sport. During the 90s, we were trailblazing the development of the Rover V8 with the help of top racers in Class 7.

Oval & Track
The Rover V8 doesnt always have to be built soley for "pulling tree roots up" torque. In a completely different guise, it can be a high revving pure race engine. V8 Stockcar racing is a slightly smaller CC equivalent of the mighty BriSCA F1s. Limited to Rover V8 use, high RPMs and longevity over very harsh racing conditions are the key to success. Our 3.5 litre screamers have dominated this sport with multiple National, European and World titles to our name. Being a race engine builder means ALWAYS keeping one (or many!) steps ahead of the competition. Our racing Rover V8s use many bespoke components, made either by ourselves, or manufactured by world leading specialists, for our use only. We do not just rebuild the Rover V8 for race use, we completely re-engineer it. Just ask our winners.

Chevrolet V8

Championship winning Chevy Small Blocks and huge Big Blocks! We are proud to be the engine builder of choice for some of the top racers in BriSCA Formula One. This sport provides the true test for any engine buidler! No where on earth do racing engines come under so much strain, under so much pressure at such high temperatures over such a short space of time!

BriSCA F1 is THE heavyweight of world motorsport. Full Contact 600 plus horsepower machines. With 30 cars on the grid, and the fastest guys starting at the back, all happening in a packed enclosed stadium, it is a spectacle like no other. CJBS Racing Engines is trusted by some of the very best BriSCA drivers and teams to provide Chevrolet horsepower when it matters, and more importantly make it last.

Power plants vary. Some drivers prefer the long stroke pulling power of our super huge big blocks like Ex World Champion Rob Speak (#318) and Multiple title winner Paul Harrison (#2), while others prefer the more willing, revving smallblocks like Andy Smiths (#391) CJBS spec 440ci. Here at CJBS we realise that anyone can build turnkey engines. What makes ours special, is the complete uniqueness of each engine. The spec is absolutely tailored to the drivers style, car, chassis weight and surface preference to get every last bit of performance for the money available. This often results in hand machined and finished components. We are more than just an engine builder - we are expert engineers too. So many race engine builders think you just need a socket set to build racing engines, not a full machine shop like we have here at CJBS!