Southern Roadcraft SRV8 AC Cobra

All the expertise of race, for the road!
You have spent all your spare cash, the savings that were going to go on that new kitchen, and every spare hour that you could get without putting your marriage in the hands of the courts! After all that blood sweat and tears, your pride and joy - your Kit car - is nearly ready, all thats left is the motor! So, you want someone who gives the same care, repsect and attention to detial to your project kit car as you have, but without breaking the bank. Thats where we come in! NEW! See our new Engine Transplant Service!

Complete Builds
As a small business, every unit that we build, machine or even supply parts for becomes one of the family, and is treat the same as any other family member would be! One thing that we class as our forte is tailoring an engine to the customer. After talking with you to decide and discuss your vehicle, spec, performance, driveabilty, fuel consumption, emissions and of course budget, together we will come up with the perfect unit for you and your kit car! - Not just what we want to sell you! Of course, we also have many "turnkey" spec engines that have been developed for specific markets over the years. We keep regular supply links for such engines, so can be supplied quickly and conveniently when required.

CJBS Engine "Tune-Up" Kits
As well as full engines, we have a range of "tune up" kits for such as Chevrolet, Rover V8, Vauxhall, Pinto, Cosworth etc that have been perfected over the last 20 years, that can be supplied direct to you, so that you can do the job yourself. This means you can say you put every nut and bolt of your entire vehicle yourself, but still have the power of a proven spec'd engine. Give Me (Chris) a call to have a chat about what we can do for your Kitcar.

Arrive & Drive Away

CJBS' complete engine transplant service! Getting an upgrade is great. It brings new life to an old project, or gives you an even wider grin than your road / kitcar gave you before! However, it is a hassle. An engine transplant is no mean feat; it generally takes many evenings and weekends of work, and thats only if you are fortunate enough to have the time, energy, resources, garage and storage space etc etc. Even after all that, to be honest, it can kinda take the fun out of it all, as I am sure many of you reading this will already know.

However, like other customers have found with CJBS, we have the perfect answer! WE can take care of the engine upgrade AND transplant for you! You dont even have to get your hands mucky! All you have to do, is drive the vehicle to us, and pick it up when it is ready! - What could be easier than that. We even take care of the storage and any other paperwork/MOTs etc that the vehicle may require. With the help of Tom at TJ Motors, who is a very close friend of mine, we are able to conduct the full transplant. Tom has been trained in the workshops of TVRs and has great experience in kit, classic and racecar preperation. So rest assured, your pride and joy is in great care.

The engine is then transported to us here at CJBS where the neccessary magic is applied. Once completed, dyno'd and we are happy with the results, the engine is placed back in your vehicle with all the TLC it deserves, ready for you to turn the key and drive away on collection. Use the contact page to discuss your requirements, and to check if we can accomodate your vehicle!

AC Cobra Replica - 4.6 Rover V8

We let Alan tell the story... I am the proud owner of a Southern Roadcraft SRV8 AC Cobra replica, to say this car is the love of my life is an understatement, so it was extremely important to me to find the right company to give my car a much needed engine upgrade. I first found out about CJBS by simply trawling the internet and looking for companies that could perform the type of work I required. I live in County Durham and so naturally I first looked to my native northeast for an engine specialist who could remove my rather tired 1970's 3500cc Rover V8 and replace it with a newer 4600cc Rover V8.

I could find plenty of firms willing to sell me a rebuilt engine but nobody could offer me quite the complete package of CJBS. I first contacted Chris by simply emailing CJBS and stating my requirements and asking for a price. A few more emails backwards and forwards to finalise exactly what I wanted and I was quoted a price. Once I had sourced the funds needed I contacted Chris and it was all systems go, he organised everything from the storage of my car during the project, to the removal and replacement of my engine through Tom at TJ Motors. I received constant updates from Chris as to how the project was going and he even sorted out my MOT for me as it had run out before the car was ready.

Then the big day arrived and my car was ready and on budget, I drove the car from TJ motors back home which was at least an hours drive without any problems and it was awesome, even if the weather wasn't, but even that couldn't wipe the smile from my face. The biggest testimonial I can give is although I have never physically met Chris he does come across as someone who genuinely cares about his customers needs and puts every effort into giving them exactly what they want and that is sadly a rare thing these days. Keep up the good work Chris!