Vauxhall XE 16V engine

Right from the start, this ever lasting powerplant from Vauxhall seemed to be designed for racing. Its strong block and bottom end and ability to be able to produce tonnes of torque but rev forever means this vauxhall has always been a favourite. Our development with the Vauxhall XE engine has been extensive, and continues on at a pace to this day to keep our drivers at the top of their chosen sport. The XE is still very much a weapon of choice for both top flight racers like National Hotrod and the ever growing kit car market. We are able to advise, and supply components and kits for the Vauxhall XE that have been proven both on the dyno and on track, to suit a wide range of needs, from full race to fast road andr kit car use.

Of course, we offer all our usual services. Balancing, engine preperation, all machining work as well as running in and setting up on the dyno. We are also very familiar with building XEs for electronic engine management as well as carbs, and are specialists at fuel and ignition mapping these engines for maximum performance and drivability. If you would like to talk to us about your particular Vauxhall application and what we can do for you, whether a full on racer or kit builder, then please dont hesitate to get in touch.

Variety of Vehicles

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Vauxhall 2.0 XE The mainstay powerplant for National Hotrod, many single stage rally cars, kit cars, and also many National Autograss cars. The Vauxhall remains value for money from "fast road" through to full race screamers. Vauxhall Type XE development at CJBS.

Ford and Cosworth From the very early days, Ford racing engines have been a large part of CJBS. Starting with the Full race Pintos and X-Flows, through DOHC Cosworth, BDAs and other 2 litre derivaties up to the large CC 24V V6s and classic big blocks.

Smaller Capacity Size isnt everything! We still excel building blue print Mini 1000s. Along side the trusty Mini, we are also leading the development of the Peugeot and Citroen family of small engines for competition use. These are threatening the Minis' domination of limited capacity racing!

Our House Facilities

Our fully equipped machine shop and Dyno Cell means that we dont have to ship any work off the premesis. All our engines are machined and built in house, so that we are in charge of the quality, and no prying eyes can be inspecting and measuring up your engine while it is off site!

Our machine shop also means that we can carry out individual tasks for people building there own engines, or perhaps brining life back to a road engine. All our services are listed below. Please feel free to browse through them and we hope to be of service in the future. Machining - Cylinder Head/Block grinding, crank griding, borning, line boring, honing, valve seat cutting, crack and pressure testing - you name it, we do it, and all on site.